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[EN] Global Matrix provides Network support for all GNSS Receivers. Our goal is provide easy and comfortable setup configuration to our entire user with a professional environment.  The next steps shown in this support manual was tested to work with the Caribbean GNSS Network operated by Global Matrix Engineering. We are proud to present the configuration setup steps to the Leica VIVA 3.5G Internal Modem. 
[ES] Global Matrix provee ayuda a todos los receptores GNSS que se puedan conectar a la RED. Nuestra meta es proveer una forma fácil y cómoda de configuración para todos nuestros clientes en un ambiente profesional. Los pasos de configuración  mostrados en  a continuación fueron probados para trabajar dentro de la Red GNSS del Caribe operada por Global Matrix Engineering. Nosotros estamos orgullosos de presentar los pasos de configuración para los receptores Leica VIVA 3.5G Internal Modem. 


Consolidating us as the only one  Hi-Tech Architecture, Engineering and Geomatics company in the Caribbean can provides better and efficient customer solutions and services support. 

Corporate Philosophy

 Global Matrix Engineering Dominican Republic - Puerto Rico pushes the limits of technology to create solutions in the Architecture, Engineering and Geomatics fields with hight quality services.