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[EN] In the Caribbean Global Matrix GNSS RTK Network infrastructure provides increased production and accuracy for all types of surveying and mapping necessities by providing long range coverage for RTK GPS. Regardless of the application, production is increased by eliminating the need for setups temporary static observations and inefficient GPS base stations and using a short range conventional radio such as Pacific Crest or Trim-Talk Radios.

[ES] En el Caribe, la infraestructura de posicionamiento GNSS de Global Matrix Engineering  provee un aumento considerable en la producción y precisión para todas las necesidades de la industria del posicionamiento sea agrimensura o mapeo, brindando cobertura extendida de posicionamiento preciso RTK. Sin importar el uso, la productividad es incrementada eliminando la necesidad de realizar emplazamientos estáticos  ineficientes y eliminando el uso de los radios 



Consolidating us as the only one  Hi-Tech Architecture, Engineering and Geomatics company in the Caribbean can provides better and efficient customer solutions and services support. 

Corporate Philosophy

 Global Matrix Engineering Dominican Republic - Puerto Rico pushes the limits of technology to create solutions in the Architecture, Engineering and Geomatics fields with hight quality services.