3D Render

3D Renders also called 3D perspectives, are digital images generated in computer, that represent buildings, objects and/or characters in a virtual three-dimensional world. Rendering or rendering is a complex calculation process developed by a computer designed to generate a 2D image from a 3D scene.

Global Matrix Engineering has a group of professionals with the necessary preparation for the representation of buildings in computerized systems, and you can have a visual of what building would be in reality to give you the security that the client needs.

Uses of a 3D Render
  • The commercialization of projects
  • Analysis of projects
  • Presentation of various projects
  • Interior Design
  • See and space and volumes
Benefits of a 3D Render
  • The preview of all types of furniture manufacturing from small units to large shopping centers
  • Reduce errors and avoid problems during Project preparation
  • Present the architectural design
  • See the different phases of the project
  • Save time
  • Obtain cost estimate