Boundary Survey

It is a process by which you want to measure a surface, with the sole objective of obtaining a property right. This process includes a set of activities that involve quality in the results, the accuracy of the data collected and compliance with the regulations in force.

Global Matrix Engineering is characterized by providing the best services in the process of measuring land and the constitution of condominiums, has the use of cutting edge technology and professionals who show their willingness to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Cadastral Investigations
  • “Saneamiento”  First Land Title Registration
  • Boundary Survey Update
  • New Measurements Procedures
  • Deslinde (Boundary Surveys from  “Constancia Anotada”)
  • Parcel Regularization
  • Urban Development
  • Subdivision Plans
  • Parcel Merge Process
  • Land Measurement Update and Registration of Complex Properties
  • Measurement for Public Domain Easements
Services Compliance
  • Dominican Republic 108-05 Land Law  Jurisdicción Inmobiliaria
  • Puerto Rico OGPE
  • ALTA Survey (US Standards)