Civil Engineering

A professional engineering discipline that deals with design, construction and maintenance of physical and naturally built environments, including works such as roads, bridges, canals, dams and buildings.

Importance of Civil Engineering at Global Matrix

As a mid-size company we offer our clients the best solutions within a reasonable budget. We take in serious our final products and for that we implemented a quality control system in our office, which involves professionals in different specialties. There are no major obstacles in our path which we can’t handle.

Project Management

The discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.

Site Geometry & Grading Design

The need of determining the best suitable geometry to optimize and accomplish all needs within a project. Determining an elevation base for construction works such as a foundations, roads, bridges, houses, and civil works among others. For cases of road layouts or designs and earthworks of certain purposes, grading do include the base, coverage extents and final surface of the finished construction site.

Structural Design

A iterative process of applying engineering mechanics and past experiences to create a functional, economic, and, most importantly, safe structure for the public to enjoy.

Sewer System Design

The design of underground carriage systems for transporting sewage from houses or industries to treatment or disposal plants.

Storm Sewer System Design

They designed to drain excess rainfall and ground water from streets, paved areas, sidewalks, and roofs.