Geomatics is the science of measuring the physical environment that uses digital technology to obtain geo-spatial information useful for the administration and management of territorial resources.

The first Geomatics engineering program was taught in Quebec Canada in 1986 by Laval University.

Applications of Geomatics
  • Inventory and planning of the use of natural resources and territorial infrastructure.
  • Planning and optimization in the distribution of strategic centers and services.
  • Simulation of scenarios and spatial modeling.
Application Areas
  • Cadastral Measurement
  • Topography
  • Photogrammetry
  • Laser scanner
  • GIS Map

  • GPS post navigation.
  • Planning of the territory.
  • Location of vehicles and people.
  • Protection of environmental resources.
  • Traffic management or emergencies.
  • Safe navigation of ships and planes.
  • Mobile telephony.