Topography Survey

The topography is the Science that studies the set of principles and procedures for the graphic representation of the terrestrial surface, the main reason of the same is to collect data to translate it into programs that the man can handle and use it for his benefit.

Global Matrix Engineering performs surveys to determine and analyze the topography in buildings in the different areas of engineering, rethinking and the placement of control points. Our starting point are your requirements and requests. No matter what your needs are, we have everything you need to satisfy them.

Uses of Topography
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Geology
  • GIS
  • Mining
  • Oceanography

  • Image Format
  • Grid Format
  • Google Format
  • Mesh Format
  • Vector Topography (Contours)

Topography Performed by
  • Robotic Total Station (Leica MS50)
  • GNSS Positionin Systems (Leica GS14)
  • Fix Wing Drone (Sensefly Ebee)
  • Quadcopter Drone (Parrot Bebop)
  • Technology Combination (TPS-GNSS-Drone)

Deliverable Formats
  • ASCII Grid
  • ESRI Grid
  • *.dxf / *.dwg Vector File
  • SAGA Grid
  • Shapefiles