Civil Engineering

The civil engineering services offered by Global Matrix Engineering cover a wide range in many areas of the profession, adapted to the market which includes construction design, calculation, earthworks, budgeting, structural analysis, procedures, project inspection, among others. We have a specialized team with the capacity and management of the uses of our own technological equipment, capable of making accurate calculations in the shortest time. Our company is characterized by giving the customer the best experience solving their interests from the beginning to the final delivery.

- Administration and Project Management

For the construction of a successful project, the key and the strategy entail having from the beginning to the end an administrative plan which, when executed, foresees the implementation of the same plan. Our project management and administration service makes it easier for the customer to purchase, make decisions and control activities, optimizing the execution plan. We facilitate the different routines, providing reliability and responsibility at delivery time.   

- Development of Flood Maps

We provide the service of research, design and planning of the creation of flood maps, an essential tool that helps to visualize danger zones and to quickly understand how to take action against these phenomena. Service offered with the experience worked in these areas using technology adapted to capture the most vulnerable areas.

- Inspection of Projects

For both public and private projects we provide the inspection service for all types of works which provides to review the work as already agreed. In order to carry a quality final product, we have a responsible staff committed to effectively meeting the objectives already established, following the interest provided by the client, informing and keeping a detailed record of what has been done.

Structural Design

Structural design is fundamental and of utmost importance to guarantee the safety and resistance of a building, our company includes in its services the structural calculation of different types of projects, whether in different materials such as steel or reinforced concrete, using up-to-date software and Ability of professionals who comply with regulations and techniques to ensure efficient and safe work.


- Analysis, Estimates and Inspection of Earthworks

We offer an accurate and reliable experienced service in the calculation of earth movements whose operation will be taken into account depending on the type of topography where it will be executed.

- Geometric Development Design and Consulting

We have available the consultation as well as the geometric development design which is of great value and importance in the construction process to ensure the precision of a project as well as the altimetry, measurements, stakeouts and terrain scale. For cartographic surveys we use state-of-the-art tools from our company ranging from Drones, Laser Scane, GPS, among others, to facilitate the exact management of the topography. 

- Government Permit Processing

This service that we offer is to carry out all the processing that the client needs of different necessary documents that the government requires to obtain legal permits for a project already in its different phases.

- Design of General and Storm Sewer Systems

This service focuses on the calculation of the hydraulic capacity of sewers, whether general or for storms, as well as the design of these for their adequate functionality, taking into account the climatic changes that affect the area.