Global Matrix Engineering has at the customer’s disposal different services in the area of ​​geomatics which focuses on the physical measurements of the land. Our company uses our own advanced high-tech tools (Drones, Gps, Laser Scan 3D) which are a resource to provide exact and precise digital data. Our team performance is to deliver a quality final product both personal and companies dedicated to construction, architecture and engineering.

- Cadastral Measurements

Our cadastral measurement service aims to search the measurements, areas and boundaries of a land using technological tools that provide accurate data. This function guarantees the client’s needs when obtaining the property right, streamlining the processes and taking into account legal compliance (Land Law 108-05, Real Estate Jurisdiction, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico OGPE, ALTA Survey US Standards).

Other services:

  • Cadastral investigations
  • “Sanitation” First registration of land titles
  • Measurement Update
  • New Measurements
  • Demarcation (Rights in “Annotated Certificate”)
  • Parcel Regularization
  • Urbanization
  • Subdivision
  • Recast
  • Parcel and Registry Update of Complex Properties
  • Measurement for Disaffection of the Public Domain
- Photogrammetry

We have managed and provided the photogrammetry service for several years doing missions in the Caribbean and offering the innovative service which is the capture of photos with real measurements, we have special Drones for said work as well as the latest technology tools and the use of specialized programs to digitize the corresponding terrain in a time record.

- Applications Uses and Areas of Geomatics


-Inventory and planning of the use of natural resources and territorial infrastructure.

-Planning and optimization in the distribution of strategic centers and services. Scenario simulation and spatial modeling.



-Cadastre Measurement



-Laser Scanner

-Inventory and planning of the use of natural resources and territorial infrastructure.

-GIS Map



-GPS navigation Territory

-Planning Location of vehicles and people

-Protection of environmental resources

-Traffic management or emergencies

-Safe navigation of ships and planes

- GIS maps

We have services to develop, design, manage and update GIS databases using the latest commercial and open source platform. We have high-tech equipment and specialized software in the field, as well as experts who analyze, manage and provide the correct solutions for our clients. GIS maps are a valuable resource to support in cases of natural disasters, such as for rearrangement and massive organization projects, analysis of supplied data and future projections.

    - Topography

    We comply with the measurement service for all types of terrain, making topographic surveys with tools such as Drones and 3D Scanners, which provide reliability when working and accurate data, as well as professional personnel in the area.