Photogrammetry is a technique to determine the geometric properties of objects and spatial situations from photographic images. It can be short or long range.

So it turns out that the concept of photogrammetry is: “measure on photos”. If we work with a photo we can obtain information in the first instance of the geometry of the object, that is, two-dimensional information. If we work with two photos, in the common zone to these (area of overlap), we can have stereoscopic vision; or in other words, three-dimensional information.

The UAV or Drone

The UAV for its acronym in English “Unmanned Aereal Vehicle” or Drone, are unmanned vehicles, which has an infinity of use among which we can highlight:


Delivery products to be developed

-Georeferencing Nav or Precise (1-5 centimeters 3D)
-Aerial Image and Resolution Needed
-RGB – (Red, Green, Blue)
-IR – Infrared
-Point cloud
-Colorized – Color Ramp by Elevation
-Classified – Vegetation, Ground
-Digital Model
-Digital Surface Model
-Digital Terrain Model
-Textured Surface Digital Model
-Digital Plans
-Topographic contours
-Bi-Dimentional Drawing
-3D Infrastructure Modeling