More than offering the architectural service that goes from the conceptualization, design, construction and presentation of a project, Global Matrix Engineering has at its disposal the innovative application of laser scanning (Laser Scan 3D) that allows to compile in high quality and quickly the information of an existing building which speeds up and implements the 2D, 3D process, BIM modeling and animation of a project. This is a service that regardless of the complexity of the building provides reliable data as well as saving time, something so necessary in the architecture, engineering and construction sector.

- Architectural Design (Exterior and interior)

We provide a service giving response and architectural design solutions, committed to the functionality of both interior and exterior spaces as well as their development, process and execution.

- Consultancy

We offer the consultation service for architectural designs clarifying doubts and answering questions to give the best functional solutions depending on the taste and needs of the client.

- Quality Control

In the architecture sector, the quality control service we provide is carried out taking into account the necessary quality standards when designing and executing the project, giving more detailed monitoring of operations, using and implementing tools, techniques, strategies and mechanisms to check the consistency and final quality of this.

- BIM Design and Modeling

Our team is specialized in 3D modeling as well as BIM softwares which today are a potential and advantageous tool applied to design and construction, providing information and time savings as well as the intelligent planning of construction actions.

- 3D Visualization, Video and Web Integration

We have the experience of managing modeling programs as well as its 3D visualization tools which facilitate the perception of a project when evaluating it and presenting it. We have Drones for the performance of the presentations, providing graphic information out of the traditional.

- Urban planification

We have the urban planning and design service which we apply depending on the client’s principles and guidelines. Taking into account the area under management with the aim of generating society the common good, functionality and positive impact such as the inclusion of society in geographically adaptable spaces, always respecting the regulations and laws that control it.